Below you will find a step by step guide that should answer all your questions about Twitbin. You will find FAQs, how-to-guides, and videos. If you have questions not answered here, you can always email our support department and usually get a response within 72 hours.

Installation Instructions

Following these steps you should be able to get Twitbin running in most modern computers quickly and easily.

  1. Installing the plugin:
    Click here to download and install the plugin from Mozilla
  2. Hit Accept when Firefox asks you for permissions
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Click the bird icon up top to open Twitbin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I login to Twitbin?
    The image below will show you the steps necessary to Authorize Twitbin to access your Twitter account. You will need to go through the OAuth steps in order to sync Twitbin with your account. This means you will also need to enter your PIN.
  • How do I post a Tweet?
    Click on the post a tweet field, which will expand and give you enough space to post. When you are done typing, just click send.
  • How do I post a Reply (@mention)?
    If you hover over the tweet you’d like to reply to, the additional controls will appear. Simply click on the reply arrow, and your new response tweet will be created.
  • How do I send a Direct Message (DM)?
    By right clicking on a tweet (control + click in some cases) you will load our custom contextual menu which will give you the option to create a new DM to that person. Alternatively you can click on the mail icon and be taken to your message inbox. Here there is a link where you can create a new DM. Lastly you can write in the main Twitbin posting box a message in the format of D [username] and then your message.
  • How do I see my Lists?
    Clicking on the following icon = will load your lists that you have created or subscribed to on twitter.com. Once in this view, you can select an individual list. Lists, just like other views will reload automatically every 3 minutes.
  • How do I configure Twitbin?
    Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the Twitbin interface to get to the settings menu.
  • What are Twitbin Local Passwords?
    We’ve included the option to let you locally password protect access to your twitter account. This is very useful on shared computers. This is not your Twitter password, this is a locally stored (on your machine) password which will prevent the average user from automatically logging into your stored accounts in Twitbin. We cannot recover your password for you, if you forget your password, you will need to uninstall Twitbin, and reinstall it.